Facebook Will Soon Be Launching Various Voice-Controlled Products, Announced Mark Zuckerberg

Recently, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that the company will launch different products that will be based on voice controls.

At the annual stockholder meeting of the company, Zuckerberg while responding to a question about the future of AI voice assistant at Facebook, disclosed the upcoming voice-control products.

In the next few years, the voice will be a significant interface and the company is working on many voice-controlled products, said Zuckerberg.

In Silicon Valley, it is the only leading social network that does not own an AI voice assistant and rather borrows it. Portal - a video calling device by Facebook was introduced in 2018 and offers Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa to users.

Whereas, there are already many such services in the market like Siri of Apple, Google Assistant, Cortana of Microsoft, etc.

According to reports earlier this year, Facebook’s augmented reality and virtual reality group was working on the development of its own voice assistant.

It already had spent much on artificial intelligence research, which comprises of Ozlo, an AI assistant startup founded in 2017.

Facebook’s voice assistant could give a tough competition to the existing prominent voice assistants available in the market, especially if it's integrated with Facebook's app.

Zuckerberg stated that it's obvious what the future holds for this technology and how people will appreciate it.

Photo: Stephen Lam / Reuters

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