Finally, Guests can be a part of livestream videos on Twitter

Twitter has introduced a new feature, which allow broadcasters to let guests become part of their videos and livestreams as viewers who can call them and ask questions to them. According to Twitter three viewers can call/join at a time. The same feature was introduced in Periscope in February. Matt Navarra was spotted this feature around two weeks ago.

According to the company, the feature was appreciated the most when it was launched on Periscope; therefore it was decided to expand it to Twitter to connect the people with each other who can be heard by other viewers when they make a call. The feature, on the other hand, gives option to the host to drop the call or shift the call to another person.

Twitter’s head of product, Keyvon Beykpour told media outlets that the objective behind this feature is to enable the “richer conversation” that allows viewers to call like it happens in talk shows. Mr Beykpour further said that this will make the “conversation more fluid” and give another way to communicate.

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