Twitter is Reportedly Working on a "Hide Replies" Feature (But there's a Big Catch) and a new Menu Design!

Recently, Twitter has been making a lot of changes to its platform in order to make it safe and free from abusive and hateful content, and at the same time ensure that users have the best possible experience while surfing the feed. Therefore, we have come to know about two new changes which are in the works presently.

First of all, news broke out that the Social Networking Service is working on a feature that would give users an option to hide their tweets’ replies. Renowned Social Media Code Hacker, Jane Manchun Wong should be credited for spotting this feature.

According to Wong, this feature would hide replies to a tweet (as it was evident from the above tweet). The hidden replies wouldn’t show up in a conversation. However, the Tweeter can always choose to “Unhide” the hidden replies via the hidden reply icon.

The timing of this feature’s development is quite interesting, considering how Twitter has been making efforts to cleanse its platform from bullying, abusing and other toxicities. So, it’s safe to assume that the “Hide Replies” function is also being created for achieving the same purpose. It could help users in a lot of ways in making the reply thread of their tweets a much safer place for both themselves and their followers.

However, users living outside Canada shouldn’t be excited just yet as the feature is being tested in Canada only. Of course its scope can expand in the near or distant future but until then, it’s exclusive to Twitter users living in Canada.

One other change that Wong has noted and tweeted about is that the slide-out menu is now a floating one i.e. remains in a fixed position while users scroll up/down the feed. Wong also shared a screenshot depicting the floating menu. However, the update might not have been released fully as many people have still not spotted the change.

Similarly, Matt Navarra noted that Twitter is experimenting with a dual-feed tab which shows both Latest and Home (algorithm-based relevant tweets).

Thus, it can be said that it’s an interesting time for Twitter users, as the platform continues to get revamped for the betterment of its users. Stay tuned for further updates!

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