Twitter is Testing Three New Features for Its Users, including the Repositioning Compose Button

Twitter is recently experimenting with three new changes for its users to make the platform more interactive and engaging. It is now testing expandable cards showing the latest tweets users might have missed, a QR code shortcut is being introduced and also the tweet compose button is getting repositioned.

Twitter is making it easier for Tweeters to keep themselves updated with all the latest news while they are away from Twitter. Social Media consultant, Matt Navarra was the first one to spot and Tweet about this new feature.

Titled ‘While you were away”, the expandable card deck are displayed on the timelines of the users, showing the latest or most relevant tweet of their interest when the user was inactive.

A section is added on the feed which shows the news that user might have missed. There is an “Expand” button, clicking it directs users to a list of all the tweets or topics that were missed by the user.

According to some of the users, Twitter tested something similar in 2017 as well on Windows Phone.

However, in response to it, Twitter confirmed that they are always trying new things to keep users updated.

Twitter is also testing a QR code shortcut button, displayed at the top of the profile page of users.

QR codes are machine-readable codes that hold URLs and scanning it let people directly search and follow that person with ease.

The new shortcut button on a profile makes it accessible and easier to share the QR codes with others.

Another new change tested by Twitter is the positioning of the tweet compose button. From the bottom right corner, the button is brought in the middle.

This change has already been introduced for some of the iOS users in 2017. However, recently it is being tested with Android users as well.

It would be interesting to see when these features will be made available for the stable version, however, no date has been yet confirmed by the company.

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Feature photo: Sara K.
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