Twitter Buys Fabula AI to Tackle the Spam Content on Platform and Improve User Experience!

In an age when various Social Media platforms have spam, fake and abusive content in abundance posted on them, it’s time to look into the problem and find a legit solution as this matter can’t be ignored or put on the back burner.

Well, it looks like Twitter has realized how critical this issue is as the Social Networking service, on Monday, has announced its plans for purchasing a London-based startup, Fabula AI to strengthen its machine learning in order to identify the problematic content on the platform.

Explaining further about the acquisition, Twitter's CTO, Parag Agrawal, said that its machine learning research team would expand as a result of this acquisition and Fabula AI has all the tools required by Twitter for this purpose. The main focus would be on reinforcement learning, language processing as well as ethics of machine learning and graph deep learning.

Graph deep learning is where Fabula AI excels. This concept utilizes machine learning to study large data sets and understand various interactions and relations… and this is something definitely needed in Twitter.

According to Twitter, its goal is to improve the health of the conversation and improve the quality of content on timeline, in recommendations and explore tabs. This will in turn improve the user experience.

It should also be kept in mind that Twitter’s data licensing business could also be affected with the graph mapping.

To top it all, Michael Bronstein (the leading graph deep learning researcher) would also join Twitter due to the acquisition of Fabula AI and his addition could be really beneficial to Twitter.

Twitter Buys Fabula AI to Tackle the Spam Content on Platform and Improve User Experience!
Photo: AP

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