Tackle the Facebook Notification Havoc with Easiest Customization Options

Facebook is known to be the king of social media, most of us check our Facebook first thing in the morning whereas, others use Facebook as a way to maintain their lifestyle. It is the only social media network where you can get entertainment, education and still communicate with people at the same time. Facebook has over 2.38 billion monthly active users which means it's one of the most used social media platform globally.

Facebook realizes its reach and this is the reason they are not looking to speared their wings, rather they are looking forward to bring newer ways to and increase engagement of their users. One of the recent ways was to introduce games, puzzles and groups however, these tactics have been very effective but they are slowly losing their charm. This is the reason Facebook has started bombarding their users with push notifications so the user can spend most of their time on Facebook.

Initially, the push notifications were only sent when the user received any message or comment but now notifications are getting over control. On average, a normal user received around 30 to 55 notifications in a day and these notifications vary according to the pattern of use. The users receive a notification when someone comments on their post, replies to their comments or like their comments but things become even difficult to tackle when Facebook push notifications also including the online streaming notifications by groups, pages, and friends. To add more fuel to the fire, these notifications include event invitations, notifying even if a friend is interested in the same event as you and even when a friend posts something in a group that you might not know of. All in all, Facebook notifications are getting out of hand and there is no way to escape this problem, except taming them according to preference.

Choose What You're Notified About on Facebook
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Opting for notifications mean that every time you have any activity on Facebook, you will get a notification but you can control this if you don’t like a certain kind of notification. On receiving the notification there is an option to either open that notification that most of us do or there are two other options that can help the user to adjust the notifications. These options include hide this notification option and turn off notification about this post. However, the problem still remains, you will obviously get the first notification and then you can hide the rest. This option is best if you have commented somewhere and people are replying to your comment or they are liking your comment. Most of the time people also start debating or the validity of the news in the reply section, this is the reason this option was introduced in the first place.

If you like to keep your Wi-Fi or data connected all the time, you might be tired by the number of push notifications you receive in the day. This also affects productivity especially if you are working, this is the reason Facebook provides an option to turn off push notification. This means that you are not depriving yourself of the notification but instead, you are choosing to check the notifications at your own time. In short, you will be able to cut down the noise and once you open Facebook only then you will be able to see the notifications. This option is available for all three, web (PC), Android and Apple (iOS) users. Read this image-guide for more details:

How to stop receiving unnecessary Facebook Push notifications (on Android, iOS and desktop devices)
Source: Facebook Help/Support Center.

In short, for someone who finds it distracting or hard to focus on work, turning off the push notification might be the only solution. Even if you find this hard and want to get rid of your Facebook addiction there is a better way to cut down the time. You can delete the app but still use the Facebook mobile site, which will help you to cut down the time but on the downside, you will not be able to send messages or read messages. Deleting the app might not be the solution but it’s better to cut down the time, for Apple users keeping track on the amount of time you spend on the apps in easier however for Android users you might need to install an app or two for that. An easy trick is to lock down the app when you are working and once the lock our time is over you can use your app.

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