Facebook "Shake to Report" feature is not designed to send users in FB Jail

A new feature on Facebook's mobile version reports the problem by shaking the phone while Facebook is open.

This feature is causing trouble by making false reports when users walk with the Mobile phone in their pockets.

Last week, numerous Facebook posts were reportedly warning users, claiming about a new social media's app feature in which shaking your phone with Facebook's app open can automatically report a post, but some users suppose that it can land you in Facebook jail, without having evidence to prove it.

The most commonly shared piece of content related to this news goes something like:
"Facebook has recently added this update for its mobile users.
Because of this update, some of our friends have gone to Facebook jail many times.
It looks like many users are reporting a problem mistakenly and putting their friends in Facebook jail. (A virtual place with no open trials and bailout opportunities).
You can fix it by shaking your phone while the Facebook app is open until the reporting option shows up, then slide the reporting option to OFF.
Fix this problem in your phones and save your friends from going to Facebook jail".
PSA: Is pocket reporting real? Can you put people Facebook jail for no reason? facebook.com/100013925836936/posts/645188572621998/
Screenshot: Digital Information World.

According to the user's report, this shake to report update was rolled out for both iOS and Android devices, and you can easily disable it.

In reality, the message that shows up while shaking the phone is not abuse/spam content reporting screen, but reporting a technical/UI problem screen.

Source: https://twitter.com/ngat_NG/status/1139886425116205056
Screenshot: Twitter /ngat_NG

According to a recent Engadget report, Facebook wants to make reporting bugs and glitches as easy as shaking your phone.

The new feature allows you to report a technical problem by simply shaking your smartphone.

The second part is about the warning that the "shake to report" feature has landed some users in Facebook jail as the application is misreading the movement of the phone in the user's pocket, but there were no complaints or people were found who had been separated from Facebook because of this new update.

Although the new feature of Facebook mobile's app is real, the news of many users going to jail over the feature was absurd. Supposedly, it was meant for reporting bugs or glitches, not actual users.

Facebook has a separate criteria for reporting abuse or spam. Facebook also clarified this in a Help Center page that, "This [Shake to Report] process is for reporting something on Facebook that isn't working correctly, like a broken feature or a payment issue."

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