Google Will Not Expand Itself in China, Interested In Serving The Next Billion Users

Google did not pay much attention to its search engine business in China because of the strict censorship policies there and then a rumor spread that Google has been planning to go back to China, even though they have made their policies more strict than before.

Finally the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai broke the ice and said that the company does not plan to develop a censored search engine.

In an interview with CNN, Pichai confirmed that not much attention is given to the Chinese search engine needs neither there is any plan of ignoring the market that has hundreds of million internet users.

Pichai said that the main purpose of the company is to provide information and we are always looking forward to new billions of users.

CEO said they have their own rules and regulation which may not be the same as of China, as Google believes in Free and open internet, unlike China. To relaunch it in China, there are certain conditions that need to be met however, Google does not seem interested in building a censored internet and is therefore not spending its time and energy in meeting the needs of China.

There are many other companies as well that are attracted towards China’s huge market place but the policies by the State have made it difficult for them to thrive.

Pichai was also asked about General Joseph Dunford's claim that China’s military is being benefited directly through Google’s business in there. To which Pichai replied that all the misunderstandings have been cleared regarding this controversy.

He said they are not doing much work in China and except for limited Artificial Intelligence, an open source project, TensorFlow. It is also doing some non-profit projects in China.

Photo: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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