Now you can shake your smartphone to report bugs on Facebook

Facebook is making it easy for users to report bugs from their mobile devices. All you have to do now is simply shake your phone when you encounter a bug and the report menu will pop-up instantly.

The ‘shake to report’ method was previously limited to the users of iOS and that too as an opt-in feature. However, soon we will be seeing it as a default addition on both – iOS and Android.

As they did previously, Users will also be able to report the same through the Help and Support Menu on Facebook. But the tech giant is anticipating that the move will make reporting easier and perhaps lessen errors in the app.

Mobile apps are more prone to bugs and system glitches. Surveys also suggest that bugs don’t go unnoticed and around 78% of users identify a problem with the app they are using immediately. However, the reporting feature is somewhat ignored by the users and Facebook aims to rectify the same.

In fact, Facebook says that it wants the users to report any error they encounter including News Feed loading problems and video streaming issues. Moreover, the Shake to Report feature will also work as a ‘help’ menu. This means that the users can shake their phones for assistance in completing any action like deleting a story or blocking a spam user.

The new feature is expected to be rolling out to a small population of Facebook users within a few days but the company has agreed on a full, global roll-out within the next two weeks. Let us wait and watch!

Note: This feature is not designed to report abuse or spam related issues, Facebook "Shake to report" feature has been created to report technical problems.

Facebook Will Soon Let You Shake Your Phone To Report Bugs

Source: Engadget.

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