Facial Transformation with Adobe Photoshop Can Be Detected With Newly Trained AI

Now it is possible to detect facial manipulations in images that are made with Adobe Photoshop using the trained AI.

Team of researchers of Adobe and UC Berkeley developed a tool that will expose the edited areas in photos and also democratize image forensically.

A convolutional neural network has been trained by the researchers that will detect the changes made in images using the Face-Aware Liquify feature in Adobe Photoshop. When the system was tested, 99% times it was successful in spotting the changes as compared to humans who only 53% could guess it.

The tool also predicted the possible original state of the image and degenerate the image.

Detecting Facial Manipulations in Adobe Photoshop is now possible with the help of new artificial intelligence

Though Adobe has already trained AI to detect the manipulated images, however, this time it is specifically to detect the facial changes made with Photoshop.
"The issue of content authenticity is an industry topic that we will continue to explore with our customers, partners and community. We welcome the ongoing discussion on safeguards which could be implemented while fostering creativity and storytelling to flow across the ever-evolving digital canvas.", explained Adobe Communications Team in a blog post.
Richard Zhang, a researcher at Adobe said that with time it is increasingly becoming hard to trust the digital world, especially when fake news and images are frequently going viral. However, this is just a first step towards identifying the manipulated images and transformed faces.
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