Is Microsoft adding 'Ads' to Outlook for Android users?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the leading email service providers on mobile devices. It is popular and many users prefer it over other services due to its ease of use and enhance functionality.

However, a recent change in Outlook’s interface is expected that may force many users to look for alternative email clients.

According to a report by MSPowerUser, Microsoft Outlook is starting to display inbox ads in their Android version for the non-Office 365 subscribers.

In other words, the users who are using Outlook with a free Microsoft account, a corporate email, or any other provider will have ads showing up spontaneously in their inbox.

The ads are removable and can be deleted by swiping left – similar to deleting an email. But they can turn up when the user relaunches the app.

As of yet, Microsoft has not made any official statement regarding these ads and there is a high chance the feature is simply an experiment that the company is running on different devices.

Of course, this is not the first time Microsoft is introducing ads to Outlook. Previously, they brought the same idea in the Windows 10 of the email client too.

Interestingly, the web-based versions of Outlook have always been equipped with ads and tech experts believe that the software giant may push the same for all their free accounts. However, no evidence of the ads coming on iOS versions of Outlook has been reported – as of this writing.

Microsoft tests banner ads in Outlook Mobile

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  1. If Microsoft persists with these ads, we'll simply have to drop their email client and go to another. There is such a wide choice available, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

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