OneDrive Personal Vault: Microsoft making the life of its users more secure

The new world is full of technology; it is updating every day according to the demands of the customers. In earlier days, sophisticated servers and technology were used to store the data, and now different companies introduced cloud services where you can upload and access data anywhere you go. The most difficult part was always to access data in different areas, cloud services made it easy for the people that they can access their data anywhere in the world without worrying about anything else.

Microsoft introduced OneDrive cloud service for people to upload and access data anywhere they go. With the demand for cloud services also came the failure of the security of data. The data was easily hacked and misused. For this purpose, Microsoft is introducing a new feature in OneDrive called Personal Vault.

It is an encrypted container of OneDrive with very high security. To access this container customer needs fingerprint or face ID, PIN or codes via email or phone numbers. A person can upload their data in the encrypted format in this secured folder. This feature helps a lot to reduce security threats. Firstly the files are encrypted and then transferred in the Personal Vault which can be accessed only via above-mentioned functions. The Personal Vault also has file recovery system, virus scanning on download and security that OneDrive currently offers.

Microsoft will be making this feature available on both mobile phones and desktops as well to make it easy for the customers to access on any platform wherever they go.

Some additional features of Personal Vault includes:

· Scan the documents directly into Personal Vault

To make the data more secure, Microsoft is offering a feature to directly scan or take photos of the documents directly into the personal vault. With this feature, the data is stored directly into the personal vault and in encrypted format as well.

· Automatic Lock of the Vault

One more additional feature of the Personal Vault is that it will automatically lock the vault after a specific time of inactivity. This means that even if you forget to lock your phone or computer, your data will be locked automatically after a specific time period.

· Additional storage for OneDrive

To ease their customers Microsoft also announced that you can get additional storage for OneDrive accounts in the coming months, Introducing free storage from 50GB to 100GB. Microsoft will also introduce customers to even purchase more storage for 1.99$ per month.

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