Is Microsoft Bing Google's Next Big Competitor? A Leaked Slide Reveal it All

Microsoft has never been open about disclosing the exact progress of its search engine, Bing, other than sharing the continuous revenue growth report, every quarter.

WalkingCat leaked a slide recently that showed the Bing search engine and ad network size, however, no date has been mentioned. Making it unclear when the screenshot was taken.

According to the leaked slide, Bing has more than 450 million per month active users and deals with 10.5 Billion queries in a month. Whereas Google Search processes 100+ billion searches monthly.

Microsoft News, Edge and Internet Explorer has around 450 million active monthly users in comparison to it, Twitter has 330 Million active users in a month.

There are more than 300,000 clients that put up their ads on Bing ads and its API is used by 10,000 partners.

Windows 10 Search Box has increased the Bing searches, said Microsoft earlier and it has been evident in the leaked slide. Around 50 percent of the active users come from here according to stats, bringing 196 million users per month.

Mobile products by Microsoft, consisting of Bing App, Edge, and Microsoft Launcher attracts 51 million active users in a month to Bing.

Like Windows Search that displays both web and local file results, Microsoft Search in Bing produces results from the web as well as an organization from Bing search engine. This produces 276,000 monthly active users and is expected to grow more with time and by adopting various enterprise options.

Though Google is more popular and covers 90 percent of the search market, giving all other search engines tough time. However, these stats show that despite the difference in two companies, Microsoft has the potential to give Google a tough competition than any other search engine.

Is Microsoft's Bing Really Google's Biggest Competitor? Here's What Stats Say.

Hat Tip: MSspoweruser.

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