New Phishing Scam: What if Google awards you $2.5 Million?

Computer security is the top priority, as the entire business structures are being planned and regulated (online and offline). Even though the data and information stored in the computers and severs are stored with the appropriate backup and restore system, risks, and chances of data leak and misused are higher. It is because the scammers, especially phishing spammers are more active and upgraded with technology as well.

Scams can not only lead to loss of financial and confidential data, but it can also cause loss of money as well. Apart from that, some spammers and hackers are so efficient that they can easily damage your hardware too.
New scams featuring Google is making rounds
Mostly phishing scammers interact with you when you receive an email or any click option to your web page. A new phishing scheme tries to trap you by sending an email to get your attention that you have been awarded $2.5 million as a giveaway for actively using Google services. Make sure to have a glimpse towards this blog before you get into such troubles.

Scam Email having the phrase “Powered by Google”

The new round of phishing spam emails usually begin with the subject “Powered by Google” and then follows the email body content which describes “you have been selected as a winner for using our Google services”. The content looks so official and professionally written that even some most internet savvy users can be bewildered. Any reference of managing director (obviously fake) can be mentioned such as “this email has been sent to you by the Managing Director, CEO or co-founder of Google”.

New Phishing Scam Example
Screenshot: Bleepingcomputer.

In order to show the proof of authenticity, scammers can even send screenshot of a written statement or document such as official winner letter, master card visa and others in the attachment. Moreover, it can also be written in the last details that “consider the environment before printing and keep the environment clean”. You can be given a task or command to go for the procedure for getting your price. They may ask you to give your contact and bank details. This is where the issue arises.

To get rid of troubles, you must not reply to such emails or submit any given form. We all like prizes, especially cash prices, but it is not wise to proceed without thoroughly investigating the emails. A little effort and caution can save much time and energy. Internet users are advised to not reply to such emails and never provide contact or bank details to anyone online without proper checks.

Google help center is a good resource to help you understand most common scams and frauds campaigns.

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