Facebook's Journey From Being a Social Media App to Having a Dedicated News Tab for Publishers

This is an age of digitalization, as our technology is updating day by day so are the demands of the people. The owner of the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is always focusing on bringing more audience to its platform. He is trying different ways to engage more users. Facebook is not only a platform of entertainment but it's a platform holding different sorts of opportunities for different age groups. People used to read newspapers to know about the current trends, then that changed to watching TV news channels. As most internet users spend the majority of their time on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is introducing a new way to engage more people by displaying a specified news tab.

How the news tab works?

Before the news tab, several media channels tried to engage the audience by creating specific content just for the Facebook users, and to make their job more easier, news tab will be featuring publisher's links instead of the original content made just for the Facebook posts. A sneak peek is available for the news tab here.

In other words, the news tab will be a personal level platform for the publishers, where they can post their content and get revenue based on the ads from their stories or a similar subscription model. This can help Facebook to attract some known news publishers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

An authenticated news tab

Over the past years, Facebook always faces problems related to fake news. So a news tab with authenticated information will help Facebook gain its audience's trust.

But will the publishers participate despite being burned in the past with Facebook's policies?

Will Facebook be able to attract the audience for the news tab?

Even though we see this news tab a promising opportunity for publishers but still deep down we have this inner curiosity that people might not be able to trust Facebook with a history of policies against freedom of speech.

According to Business Insider reports, Mark Zuckerberg believes that with a news tab Facebook can attract 15% of the audience and that is a huge amount to consider and a lot of publishers will also be willing to participate as any way that can help them with some revenue.

Although we are excited about the news tab deep down we have some questions that need to be answered. Firstly we are not even sure if the idea will even change to reality or not?

A curiosity resides deep inside our minds that will the publishers ever have full control over their stories?

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