Interesting Insight On the Typical iPhone Users Preference About Apps

iPhone is one of the most used cellphone brands globally. Most of the people say that Apple is more than a brand, it is a style statement and a lifestyle. The fact that the iPhone does not revolve around innovation rather it revolves around perfection. This means that Android users might enjoy the same feature a little earlier but iPhone users will experience the feature to the fullest.

Most of the iPhone users select the brand because of the ecosystem. They like to explore the app store and juggle between one app to another to see what’s new. According to a recent report by Shared2you, most of the iPhone users prefer social media, games, music related apps, photos, and videos more than any other category. This means that users are more focused on experience, communicating and getting entertained with relatively less time to spend on other apps for education or news.

The report explains that on average an American adult spends over three hours every day scrolling through their phone for different reasons. However, the leading reason still remains the use of digital media. This simply means that users are more indulge in social media networks which is the reason social media networks like Facebook are now offering money to the users to describe the usage of their app as well as the online habits of the users.

According to report that explains what most of the American adult iPhone user use their phone for, around 83% of the users use their phone for photo and videos which include apps that are either meant for editing or capturing pictures. Whereas, 80% of people use social media networks and 73% use it for music and games. 44% of people use their phone for shopping and games which includes downloading e-commerce related websites and using these websites for online shopping. Moreover, 29% of people read books on their phone, 25% of people use it for health and fitness related apps and 24% of users use their phone for navigation purpose. Apart from this 19% use finance and food-related apps whereas 18% of people use their phone for the weather. However, only 1% of the users us their phone for reading newspaper and magazines which means that they don’t download apps for newspapers or magazines which is quite alarming and astonishing.

For iPhone Users, Photo & Video Apps Are the Most Popular

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