Recent Marketing Trends Are Changing Consumers Expectations from Brands (infographic)

Marketing has changed over the time and recently due to technology, it has completely shifted which is freaking out most of the brands and alienating the consumers. It is imperative for brands to know how they are reaching out to their consumers might feel easier for them due to technology but for the consumers, this is getting nerve-wracking. Most of the people are tired of the daily information-overload that is bombarded on them by using re-targeting and social media advertisement. In this condition sending them texts and telemarketing calls can frustrate the consumers.

Marketing is an art, promoting the same products to all consumers means you are wasting more resources and receiving less as a result. However, to solve this completely, modern-day marketing tools jumped in to make it easier for the advertisers to gain reach of the personal information of consumers. Brands now know about the personal preference of the consumers, they how to reach their consumers and when to reach them and all the information might help the marketers but they are frustrating the consumers and pushing them to the wall where they no longer want to stay under surveillance and receive these annoying promotional messages.

A detailed research was conducted by Adweek to highlight how the consumers want the brands to reach out to them for marketing without annoying them with too much information or invading their privacy. The report explains that almost 40 percent of the total consumers don’t want brands to reach out to them at all whereas, around 70 percent people just want the brands to use their email address to reach out to them and nothing else. As far as texts are concerned only 6 percent of people want the brands to text them whereas, 7 percent are willing to receive telemarketing calls. This explains that although personal outreach might sound exciting for the brands it has an adverse effect on the consumers.

To get personal information most of the consumers are not conformable sharing their personal details. Only 65 percent of people are comfortable sharing email address whereas, 63 percent are interested in sharing their age, almost 62 percent are comfortably haring their first and last name but only 24.6 percent of the consumers want to share their personal phone number. The stats are even lower for the people who are comfortable sharing their home address, social media handlers, and other personal information.

Infographic - How Consumers Want Brands to Communicate With Them

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