How Consumers Really Feel about Ad Personalization - All You Need to Know

Everything in this world has gone online. From shopping to communicating, the internet has made things easy and accessible. This brings us to a world where advertising and marketing are also booming through the internet. Brands can find their target audience easily on social media splatforms and websites which generate a good number of online traffic. There are various ways of direct connection and even the audience finds it easy to gain information and buy products online.

As marketing and advertising has become easy, it has brought us to various promotional strategies formed by big product and service providing websites. One of the most famous strategies like this is Ad Personalization. What is Ad Personalization? Have you ever wondered why a same small advertisement box appears while you are surfing on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram? And sometimes these banners can even shock you because they can be related to websites you have browsed earlier. For example, you were shopping on the Nike website a few days ago and now you are able to see their advertisement about new products they have launched. This process is known as Ad Personalization or Ad re-targeting.

Ad Personalization is a Part of Retargeting the Audience

How do brands set the target audience through Ad Personalization? Well, this is one of the easiest ways to know about the target audience and creating goodwill in front of them. There are numerous situations when you visit a shopping website and go through a product. Do you always buy that product? No, there are more situations when you look for a product and then decide to look for the same product on other websites, or just set a shopping goal to buy it when there is a sale or when you feel like spending money for it.

This is the time when the brands use "cookie" which is a small piece of code or pixel which follows you on the internet when you visit various websites. This is the reason when you are using Facebook or surfing other websites you can see the advertisements of those products.

What is the Brand Doing This Way?

This way a brand is able to set a target audience. Yes, you are one of the target audiences the brand has set. They will try to sell products to you and inform you about their new or upcoming products with the help of Ad Personalization.

A brand can even maintain goodwill like this. If you are satisfied with a product by a particular brand and feel good while using it. You are surely going to buy more products from the same brand while looking at the advertisement and clicking it which will take you to their official website. You'll end up buying something from that website even when you are not in need.

Is Ad Personalization an Ethical Way of Advertisement?

This has been a very confusing question for many individuals. Well, the answer is it depends on person to person whether they are in love with Ad Personalization or find it unethical. They are many people who think that Ad Personalization has put their privacy at risk. They don't like brands and other shopping web sites to follow them on various websites while they are surfing the web. It becomes irritating for them and they find it ridiculous to see those ads while they are browsing the internet.

In contrast, there are many individuals who find it exciting and they are impressed with the way these websites advertise their products while people are surfing other websites. Ad Personalization is like a way of sending notifications to the audience personally. Even when you subscribe to a brand, you are not always available to go through their emails and respond accordingly. They find Ad Personalization an easy way to know about the new products the brand has launched.

Merit and Demerit of Ad Personalization


According to, 70% of people love to see personalized ads while surfing the internet. They yearn for these kinds of ads as it helps them to create a news feed.

A simple way to make purchases. Customers don't need to spend much time on looking for a product on various websites. As they can easily click the ad and it will directly take them to other websites.

There are customers who believe that their brands give them a personalized experience. According to a survey, there were numerous customers who believe that Ad Personalization gives them a sense of personal shopping where the brands are suggesting the products according to the customer's choice.

According to a marketing strategy, one-fourth of the people are going to buy a product if they get a personalized experience. Choosing a product becomes easy and there are even chances that a customer will buy more products compared to the need for a product.


Security is the biggest concern for customers who hate Ad Personalization. They find it very unethical that brands are literally tracking their internet moves.

There are many times on social media sites that clicking an ad can lead to hacking the account. In such cases, brands are being blamed and not the hackers.

Individuals believe that there are other ways as well to promote the ad on the internet, rather than tracking a person.

Private information related to money transactions and financial information can be leaked this way. Good brands can be trusted but sometimes there are normal brands which can be fake or can have an evil intention towards the customers.

Thinking how you can limit these websites to track your internet actions? Well, here are some of the ways to restrict them

Don't Use Third-Party Social Media Apps: The use of various websites or apps which can help you log in to your social media accounts should be avoided. There are times when you are using these apps for a different purpose, but you are actually helping them to know about your personal details like the password to your account. These websites can be easily hacked and along with them your details as well. For example, there are various apps which claim to provide free Instagram likes and followers. There may be some genuine apps but not all of them are. These apps take all your details and can cause you trouble.

Have a Look at Your Privacy Settings: It may be okay with you to keep your settings on public but it can give you personalized ads. You should always check your browser settings and keep it according to your preferences.

Don't Give a Response to Everything on Social Media Sites: There may be many situations when you find ads on Facebook or a link asking you questions. These questions can be related to life or love and you can easily fall for these traps. The time you respond to these ads or try to answer them, remember you are inviting various websites to track you.

Keep Checking Your Phone and App Settings: Always remember to switch off the settings like tracking your location or voice recording option through various apps. These elements can easily provide your information to different websites. For example, your location settings can tell the website about the area you live in. And according to that, you can get ads related to stores, house, clubs, schools and etc. which are near your area.

Stop Being a Gentleman by Sharing Everything: There are websites which track people and their internet actions by spreading a message or link. It is one of the most common tricks where you are asked to fill a form, open a link, or share a message, video or link to numerous people. This way in a single go, a website can track a huge number of people. Be it through Whatsapp or Facebook, if you are sharing everything and liking every link provided to you. There is a good chance that you'll have to face Ad Personalization.

These are the points you should know about digital advertisement campaigns. Every individual has their own perspective of Ad Personalization. It depends on how a person wants to take it. It can be positive for some people and negative for others. But we cannot deny the fact that it has become important for people to know about it.

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How Digital Consumers Really Feel About Ad Personalization [Infographic]
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