Where Concern Is Highest About Misinformation On The Internet (Chart)

2019’s edition of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report is finally out and according to it, trust in the news has declined by 2% across almost every market due to the frequency of fake news that has been circulating lately. In distributed environments such as Social Media, the trust is even lower (23%). Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, given how abundantly misinformation and fake stories spread on such platforms.

The report was regarding the concern users have about the Fake News on the Internet. The report was sorted on the basis of where this concern lies the highest (country-wise).

It was found out that 85 percent of the Brazilians are concerned about whether the news they come across on Internet is fake or real. Brazilian users are followed by UK and Spain users, the presence of former on this list is understandable given the controversial feedback to Brexit. The concern in UK has experienced a 12 percent increase over the last year.
"55 percent of Internet users remains concerned about their ability to separate what is real and fake on the internet."
US shouldn’t be counted out just yet. Ever since Trump took over, almost 7 in 10 (or 67% to be precise) have started showing concern regarding the news found on Internet. Surprisingly, France has the same percentage of concerned users too.

When we take a look at where countries like Germany and Netherlands lie in this regard, their low percentage of concerned users is quite commendable (38 and 31% respectively).

The results of this report can lead to credible and trusted news sources and brands to be given more prominence, moving forward. According to the Reuters Institute, nearly 26% of users have started depending on credible news sources. Additionally, 24% users claim that they have stopped following sources with a shady reputation.

The share concerned about what is real and fake on the internet when it comes to news in 2019 - Chart
Chart: Statista.
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