Facebook will soon Allow Users to Mute Notification Dots and Push Notifications!

It’s good news that Facebook is making moves to ensure that the time its users spend in the app is well spent. For that to happen however, the Social Media Giant needs to take care of the notifications that keep popping up (denoted by the red dots), urging the users to come back and check those out. This psychological trick has been exploited by Facebook for years.

The red notification dots appear on Groups, Market Place, Menu, Watch, Profile and other tabs. The fact that users had to check out the notifications in every single tab to get rid of the red dots until now, makes us realize how inconvenient this system has been so far.

However, Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra recently tweeted that Facebook is publicly testing out Mute push notifications toggle, Mute notification red dots toggle and Mark ALL notifications as read. The code for muting the notification dots was earlier spotted by renowned Social Media Code Hacker, Jane Manchun Wong. And if that isn’t enough, Facebook confirmed this news to TechCrunch and revealed that the testing process has begun for both iOS and Android.

Users will soon be able to choose which tabs can bombard them with notifications and which can’t.

Additionally, the Social Networking Service is planning on adding more options for users to limit the notifications according to their best interests. One proposition is that if users are already receiving red notification dots on the Facebook icon on their devices’ homescreens, there is no purpose for each tab to get lit up with dots of their own.

Once the feature is available, users can mute notifications for the desired tabs by accessing the Notification Dots option via the More/Menu tab. However, it should be noted that the main Notifications tab will not be among the options whose dots can be disabled as it is the main source of notifications.

As mentioned above, a menu for Muting Push Notifications is also in development. It shall be accessible via the settings of Notifications tab. The news of these two similar features being tested at the same time can confuse the users. Push notifications can either be muted permanently or temporarily.

Last but not the least, an option to mark all unread notifications as read is also in the works and this option can help the users in getting rid of a bulk of notifications with a single tap.

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