Facebook is Testing Several New Features, including Tab-Specific Notifications and Live Wallpapers for Android Users

Reverse-engineer specialist Jane Manchun Wong recently tweeted a couple of new features that Facebook is currently testing. Read all about them here.

Live Wallpaper

Facebook for Android will soon be seeing a Live Wallpaper feature. According to the screenshot shared by Jane on her Twitter handle, the wallpaper will shuffle through the photographs available in the user’s Facebook account and showcase them using varying effects.

Although, this may not be a useful feature for privacy-savvy users but will certainly, add a cool aesthetic to Facebook for Android.

Notification Dots

On the contrary, the second feature in ‘test mode’ uncovered by Jane will enhance the user’s interaction with the app.

The notification feature of Facebook has long been a source of annoyance for users. This is because the notification tab shows alerts for all the updates on Facebook including Marketplace, Groups, Friends, etc. And on most occasions, the users are not interested in the constant updates.

However, it seems that the social media giant has gotten the message regarding the user’s discomfort and is now testing customization options for the notifications. As per the screenshot shared by Jane, it looks like the users will be able to set their priorities for the alerts they wish to know about.

As always, the features are expected to launch soon. But there is no official word out from the team of Facebook as of yet. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

Featured photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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