Users can have more control on the recommended videos with YouTube new updates

Majority of the Internet users use YouTube to access different kinds of videos according to their desires. With the huge demand also raises the risk of harmful content. Over the past years, people faced a lot of issues regarding harmful content in their recommended section.
YouTube adding some tools to give people more control over recommended videos
A harmful content doesn’t mean just some scammers. It can also be regarding someone mocking the other’s religion. A suicide video or even a killing sort of videos all are considered harmful according to a different type of people.

Ways YouTube is bringing ease in the life of the people

YouTube is introducing two new features to overcome the risks of harmful contents in users feed.

Now users can have control to sort the kind of topics about related videos they want to see in their feeds. Recommended Categories like “up next” will be added to YouTube’s homepage.

The reason behind these new features

The purpose is to give users more control over their feed. People will have full control to click on specific topics they want to explore, like Cinematic Wedding videos or Some DIY crafts, from the top of the homepage. The same filters can be easily applied to the “up next” section as well. This will help make it easy for users to only have their desired videos and selected creators in recommendations. The main goal is to explain the users the reason behind the videos on their homepage.

Users can have more control over the Videos

With the feature of filtering recommendations, also comes a new feature where users can control the type of videos they don’t want to see. Any irrelevant content that was recommended by the company’s algorithm can be considered as irrelevant by the users.

As explained by Essam El-Dardiry, YouTube's Product Manager, a new option named “Don’t recommend channel” will soon be enabled for people to click in order they don’t want to see content from some specific brand.

With new tools with the update, users can know why specific videos or creators are being recommended.

The goal is to recommend videos from channels according to the desired history of users. In this way, users can watch different videos from channels they haven’t seen before.
"Sometimes, we recommend videos from channels you haven’t seen before based on what other viewers with similar interests have liked and watched in the past. When we’re suggesting videos based on this, you'll now see more information underneath the video in a small box. Our goal is to explain why these videos surface on your homepage in order to help you find videos from new channels you might like. This new feature is available globally on the YouTube app for iOS today, and will be available on Android and desktop soon.", explained Essam El-Dardiry in a blog post.

YouTube’s effort to make it easy for users

It is clear that YouTube is trying to ease its users in all the ways possible. Sometimes YouTube’s content is considered harmful for people but according to their policies, it’s still considered not harmful and allowed to remain up.

YouTube’s upcoming changes won’t allow the content to appear according to the recommended topics of users but it will help YouTube to gather data from what people like to watch so that they can bring a change in the company’s algorithm for recommendations.

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