Facebook executive called Apple "An exclusive club" in a response of an ongoing war of words between two tech giants

A Facebook official is again blaming Apple on how both companies have different privacy views.

Nick Clegg, company's head of global affairs, said that Facebook is accessible for everyone whereas Apple is like an exclusive elite club.

According to the Business Insider, Clegg made this statement on Monday, at an event in Berlin. Both tech giants have made comments on each other recently without mentioning each other's names, and Nick Clegg kept this trend alive by making these comments in the capital of Germany.

Clegg said that Facebook is for everyone while there are big tech companies that generate profit by selling expensive hardware and services.

The reply came in response to a question about the company’s advertising business plan.

Furthermore, he said that "they are an exclusive club" which is available to aspirant customers who can afford to buy High-End Luxury hardware and products.

Facebook VP Nick Clegg praised his company by saying that more than 2 billion people use Facebook.

He said that our services are available for the students in Guatemala, office workers in Mumbai, cows farmers in the Midwest US, technology startups in Nairobi, or cab drivers in Berlin. There is no VIP approach or any business class.

Although the comments from Facebook VP saying that since Facebook is freely accessible to everyone, it can be more flexible with user's data, are not valid.

Clegg’s comments came in response after Tim Cook slammed Silicon Valley for not being responsible.

He said that Silicon Valley should do more work to secure the user's data, and due to lack of attention by some companies, many user's have suffered.

Last year, after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, Tim Cook’s comments provoked Mark Zuckerberg to the spot that he ordered Facebook officials to shift to Android.

The two CEO's also came head-to-head when the social network was accused of abusing Apple’s enterprise certificate program, and in response, Apple turned off Facebook's entrance to the program entirely.

Facebook strikes back at Apple

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