YouTube so called way of teaching Creators lesson is not working out as it meant to be

According to the report of The Verge, YouTube is considering demonetizing. Teaching lessons to some of the creators was necessary who exploit this platform to humiliate others.

Steven Crowder’s example is the main reason for such decisions, he is an established YouTuber who runs a show on YouTube by the name of Crowder Louder. He sells his personal line of clothing by promoting it through the ads on YouTube In that show.

Crowder did a hate speech as a Homophobic in which he targeted Carlos Maza host at VOX.

The host got annoyed by that and he mentioned that it is not Crowder’s first attempt. He has already attempted it several times harassing Maza (under cover) and called it general humor.

When YouTube scrutinized the video, it stated that the content was severely hurtful. But it was done so smartly that it did not violate any of the rules of YouTube. Since no violation of rules occurred so the removal of the video from the video hosting platform became impossible.

At the same time, it’s a big question on the credibility of YouTube. After such controversies, advertisers get cautious to keep investing on YouTube. To keep the reputation intact as a business revenue they had to take some action against such videos.

Finally, YouTube decided to cut up the display of ads on the videos of Crowder and abusers like him. They also can’t utilize other alternatives to fulfill their purpose. It is a sort of demonetization for him or other creators who believe that this is a win-win situation to use YouTube as revenue of income and their uncontrollable attitude towards in disguise of strong videos or freedom of expression.

This the step might be a big shock for new or upcoming YouTubers, but Crowder is an established creator who already has the fan following of 4 million people. It fell flat upon him.

He made fun of this detention and said that YouTube is not the only source of money making, Artists have a variety of platforms to showcase their art like Patreon.

Whereas, Patreon has a strict policy of not taking ads /selling anything under the name of free speech. Patreon business is still growing but at a steady speed. The users who abide by the company’s rules are allowed to have some financial leverage.

Crowder added that YouTube rules are not reliable and the website has no firmness towards its policies.

Financial reliance is also not a big deal in today’s world. Plus there are thousands of other platforms are available who let you sell your products under the name of “Strong comedy” or “free speeches”

So the demonetizing action taken by YouTube seems ineffective for established YouTubers.

Apart from all this, YouTube gave its stars and creators a red alert that they cannot feel free to publish their personal feelings against something or someone to humiliate or harass others.

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