Reduced Inclination of Users Towards Facebook after Privacy Scandals Surface in a New Report

The privacy scandals that recently burst out in media regarding Facebook resulted in reducing the Facebook usage.

Where The Guardian and other related analysts have suggested that the Facebook usage has significantly reduced; Facebook suggests that the usage through other measures is continuously growing.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal lead to reducing the number of posts, likes and shares on Facebook approximately by 20%, as confirmed by Mixpanel analysts.

During the US elections, the activity on the Facebook increased for a short period but again it fell down by approximately 10% in the year 2018.

At the time of decline in the Facebook usage, several scandals such as those related to privacy, hate speech and series of data appeared in the international media. Another scandal in which the 50 million accounts of people were discovered to be under breach was witnessed when an executive hired a PR firm.

Facebook usage dwindling after privacy scandals, study suggests

Along with it, Facebook is continuously criticized for the negative role it has been playing by working as a fuel agent to the issue of ethnic cleansing in some courtiers.

The monthly and daily active users are continuously increasing by significant numbers.

Recently, the Facebook reports have shown that the scandals have led many users to completely delete their accounts and if not delete, the usage of Facebook has been reduced greatly.

In US, the usage of Facebook has been reduced from 41 minutes to 38 minutes, as reported by eMarketer. The report highlighted these statistics for the year 2017 that suggested that the time spent on the Facebook is also reduced by great reduction in minutes each day.

Another issue that is currently faced by Facebook is that it is continuously losing young users who are engaged in other social media activities and platform rather than Facebook.

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