Facebook is Working on a "News" Tab!

It looks like Facebook is on its way to become an “All-in-one” service. Over the past few years, the social networking giant has introduced a lot of new and exciting features to retain its users’ interest and get new people to sign up, and the latest one, when rolled out completely, will certainly change the game.

Social media consultant, Matt Navarra, recently posted a tweet where he said that his Facebook (Beta) app has a “News” tab now. Navarra also attached a screenshot of the new Tab, which included news articles from different publishers on the platform.

Then, in a follow-up tweet, he also mentioned sponsored “News Quizzes”, which will likely be introduced over the next few months.

Interestingly, the reply thread of Navarra’s tweet was filled with some interesting tweets. Some users from different parts of the world (mainly Spain and Taiwan) claimed that the News tab was available to them as well. In Spain, it’s possible that the Tab is available to the non-Beta iOS users as well, but it isn’t confirmed.

Recently Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company is planning to introduce a dedicated news tab. However, it's still unclear when Facebook plans on rolling out this feature globally. Regardless, it is bound to give Google News and Twitter, a strong competition, if it sits well with the audience.

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