Chrome 75 Comes With a Lot of New Features for Android and Desktop Users

Desktop and Android users are getting Chrome 75 with many new features. The latest version of Chrome for Mac, Windows, and Linux users has more new tools for developers as compared to new features for users.

Now the developers will be able to manage security keys, advance the navigation with gestures through complete support for Scroll Snap Stop and will also be able to manage service workers’ list in Task Manager.

Chrome 75 for Android will provide an improved password auto-fill feature along with new tools for developers.

Chrome 75 (75.0.3770.67) for Android will allow users to auto-fill saved passwords in a new way. Instead of an auto-fill pop-up, a grey bar with key logo will appear at the top of the keyboard and by tapping it, the saved password will be auto-filled.

Moreover, when a new password is created, the grey bar will come with certain options such as “Suggest strong password”. The Settings page will now have a shortcut, ‘manage password’ at the bottom of it.

To improve the navigation with gestures, support for Scroll Snap Stop has been also added. It will give developers more control over the reactions of gestures in browsers.

It will also let users share directly from the web to the app installed on the device through WebShare Level 2.

Level 1 of API allowed sharing URLs or text only whereas now with Level 2 it is possible to share audios, videos, images, and text documents. Share buttons can now be added to websites that lead to system share sheets of native apps.

Chrome 75.0.3770.80 for desktop includes more tools for developers and a few users facing features as well. Service workers’ list is introduced in Task Manager to give developers more controlled experiences as push notifications, syncing, and background. Go to Settings and click More Tools to access it.

‘Manage security keys’ option is introduced to produce pin for plugged-in in key, and also let remove security key’s data completely. To get access to it, go to Privacy and Security and select Advanced.

Scroll Snap Stop tool and isolation of sites are possible for desktop users.

The latest Chrome 75 will be rolled out in the next few weeks and can be downloaded either from its website, browser settings or Google Play store.

Chrome 75 Comes With a Lot of New Features for Android and PC Users

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