Facebook’s Instant Games to be introduce to Groups and Lite App

Good news for the game lovers. Facebook is expanding games to groups and Facebook lite. The best part of these games is, as these are based on HTML 5 which means fast loading. Even you can play from Facebook conversation or from the news feed directly from the mobile and desktop.

Though initially, they will roll out for some selected groups which are specifically dedicated to gaming groups. According to Facebook, 90 million people participate in over 270,000 gaming groups each month. Facebook is also looking forward to making Instant Gaming an opt-in feature for non-gaming groups.

Furthermore, you do not require any download to play gaming app on Facebook lite, for that reason you can even play on the slow internet speed.
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From June to September, Facebook observed a 25 percent increase in Daily Active People (DPA) playing games on the platform. In last month, Facebook hosted 1.7 billion game sessions.

On the developer side, Facebook announced that they will encourage developers through monetization. Now they can monetize their game through advertisements and in-app purchases. It further announced that it’ll be tweaking the Games page, focusing on improving games’ discoverability.

Facebook’s Instant Games Expands to Include Groups, Lite App, Monetization

Introducing the new updates, Facebook's Product Manager Olivier Bouan said in a blog post that:

"In addition to groups and Facebook Lite, we've also invested in improving the discoverability and experience of the Games bookmark within Facebook, as well as leveraging Facebook notifications to support the player experience."

He further added: "As we grow our presence within Facebook, we've made sure to add support for Ads based monetization in the app on both iOS and Android, as well as IAP support on Android and for web games on Facebook.com. And, of course, we're continuing to work on discovery for Instant Games on Messenger in parallel as we grow the Instant Games platform on additional surfaces. Our growing team across Facebook Gaming is excited to bring these improvements to the platform to support growing player base and developer community."

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