YouTube Aims To Include More Content Creators In Trending, Promises To Solve Copyright Claims As Well

Following the rapidly increasing concerns of content creators, YouTube chief Susan Wojcicki took matters in her hand and explained how the “Trending” tab handles content while giving equal chance of desired promotion to every YouTuber.

The official statement was released via blog and the company has also vowed to look into copyright claims. Moreover, she also threw some light on the striking of comments on videos by children as well.

While gratefully acknowledging the feedback, Wojcicki stated that the working model of "Trending" section includes rehashing the content over and over again. YouTube also pre-screens the video to take care of any profanity or mature content involved and then the goal is to showcase such content as trending which should be able to catch attention of a wide range of users on the platform. The eligible videos also get ranked according to how quickly they are generating views.

With all the calculations involved, YouTube still prefers to have "at least half" of its trending videos coming up from content creators and the other half belonging to music and traditional media.

Wojcicki also expressed YouTube's opinion on how the platform will continue to “do more” in order to keep it free from harassment by all means. The site is currently considering the improvement tactics which they can adopt to prevent the abusing of manual copyright claims - especially for short bursts of music.

Apart from that Wojcicki also justified the actions that YouTube is taking to minimize the extreme content. In February, the company decided to shut down comments on videos of young kids, in response to when YouTuber Matt Watson discovered loads of fetishistic comments that people left for innocent uploaders. Although it did affect their engagement activity but nothing comes above protecting the children, who might not have any idea about they are getting from the viewers.

The case was similar when YouTube rushed to remove the Christchurch shooting footage as the CEO also stated that it is a "necessary" compromise given all the "stakes" involved.

However, Wojcicki again missed to touch another important concern that has been disturbing the viewers and creators for a long time now - the level of misinformation in trending videos. As YouTube claims that they are well aware of what creators are posting on the platform, at the same time they are yet to figure out a solution for the most basic problems.

YouTube wants more content by creators in its 'Trending' feed
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