New Twitter Trend Sheds Light on YouTubers’ Pasts

A new trends has been going around on Twitter, one that involved people listing five jobs that they have had in the past. The name of this trend therefore obviously became the “5 jobs” meme.

Not only has this become a fun way to shed some light on your own past, but the true virality of this meme came from the fact that a number of prominent YouTubers ended up taking part in the meme as well which lead to their backgrounds becoming a little more apparent.

What’s truly intriguing is that several famous YouTubers that are currently idolized by so many people around the world used to do jobs that were completely mundane. It’s very common for a YouTuber to talk about being a waiter or something similar, and if you think about it, it’s pretty understandable that so many big stars are going to have such humble origins.

Jobs in the world of sales can also commonly be seen amongst YouTubers, and for the most part you can see that they used to lead lives that were more or less mundane, so one can imagine that one of their reasons for wanting to start making videos on YouTube for a living was because of the fact that they might have wanted a little more excitement in their lives all in all.

A lot of YouTubers used the meme as an excuse to make jokes, with some of them subtly suggesting that they had no idea what they were doing with their lives before they decided that they wanted to be professional YouTubers.

Surprisingly, this trend is also making rounds in all sort of professions and industries. So it's not just limited to YouTube celebrities.

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