YouTube shuts down 400 channels amidst child exploitation controversy

YouTube closed more than 400 channels from its database along with tens of millions of comments after receiving complaints from creators, users, and advertisers about child exploiting videos.

The details of the eliminations came from YouTube’s creator outreach team in response to a video published by commentator Philip DeFranco. The team agreed to be aware of the problem and stated that they are working on ways to resolve the issue and keep viewers safe.

YouTube has also been reporting the comments and accounts to the law enforcement agencies that comply with the federal law.

The issue has been circulating the YouTube platform for several days. Just a few days ago, Matt Watson demonstrated through a video how searching terms like “bikini haul” can lead to child-related videos that feature predatory messages in the comments.

Following the controversy, several companies have pulled off their advertisements from the platform. These include Epic Games, Nestle, and Disney. Other companies like Grammarly and Peloton have also reached out to YouTube and requested further investigation.
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Previously, a spokesperson at YouTube informed the media that their team took instant action of the violations and reports to the concerned authority have been dispatched. The video hosting giant also stated that any content that endangers the minors is non-acceptable on their platform and the company continues to improve its efficiencies to eliminate such abuse more quickly in the future.

Despite being criticized by the majority of the creators, some came out in the defense of YouTube. DeFranco even praised the team of YouTube in his video and said that YouTube has always been working to remove unsolicited videos from its platform.

The company even has specifically addressed guidelines in place for predatory behavior in videos for children since 2017 to enable the advertisers to control where they want their ads to be placed.

DeFranco also said that the problem is not only with YouTube. In fact, child predatory is a common issue on the World Wide Web and YouTube handled it pretty well by removing offensive material as soon as it was addressed.

YouTube Is Trying Hard to Fix Child Exploitation Problem
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