Kodi Addons Could be stealing your Passwords and data without Your Consent

The pirated streaming devices and cord-cutting bandwagon users need to be more alert about their online privacy. Malware found in top piracy apps is stealing username and passwords of users and uploading their data without them know, as revealed by a report of Digital Citizens’ investigators.

According to the report, there are around 12 million pirated device holders in North America. Home networks are hacked by cybercriminals by sending pre-loaded malware into the devices or the apps downloaded from the third-party.

Around 70 percent of the devices run on the Kodi platform access illegal content through add-ons or third-party apps.
"Often uninformed of the risks, users of this software are baited into trying something they think is free or cheap but comes with a hidden cost: malware.", claimed report.
E-commerce platforms like e-Bay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist are selling pirated Kodi boxes or jailbroken Firesticks for only $75 to $100.

These devices do not have any security provisions, making users an easy target for hackers. Right after connecting the device with the home network, it becomes vulnerable and by breaching the router’s firewall, hackers induce malware into the network.

1.5 terabytes of data was uploaded by a streaming app, Mobdro, while a researcher was conducting his research. The app looked for vulnerabilities and uploaded data without his consent.

The report also included the prevention method against the malware spreading through pirated devices.

· Law enforcement agencies should keep a check on the networks that are selling pirated boxes.

· Users must be educated about the risks involved in buying these devices

· Employees of the corporate sector must be forbidden to connect any pirated device with the office’s network.

· There should be a ban on sales of these private boxes on digital marketplaces.

Though Kodi is legal but it should not be used to access pirated content. Add-ons from official Kodi repository must be downloaded to keep everything legal and secure.

Kodi Addons Could be stealing your Passwords and data without Your Consent
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