Whatsapp's upcoming updates may remove "Save profile picture" option

WhatsApp is removing the feature of saving the profile photos of your contacts. This new update is the part of the latest WhatsApp beta versions for Android devices, and the change will also be a part of WhatsApp Business beta for iPhone version as well. The older versions will receive the new change very soon.

Moreover, the iPhone has updated its regular App and introduced a new feature in it, which allows users to preview stickers directly in the notification center.

It also lets you to long-tap on the WhatsApp notification to view the sticker in its full size.

WhatsApp is also developing a night mode for its users.

Previously on WhatsApp, the users were provided with a sharing button when they open a profile photo. Taping on the share button gives options to save the photo directly in the gallery or share it through social media channels.

But the new update has removed the sharing icon from the instant messaging app leaving no on-screen option to save profile pictures.

However, the feature to save profile photos is still available for the groups on Whatsapp.

And the users can still save profile pics using the screenshot feature available on their phones.

WhatsApp has updated the iPhone app, which allows users to preview the received stickers in the notification bar.

This new update also allows the users to watch the received sticker in their full size directly in the notification center by just long tap on it.

The new iPhone app includes version 2.19.51 with 154.1 MB in size.

WhatsApp was spotted testing its night mode earlier this week which is likely to replace previous Dark Mode.

The night mode version is a long-awaited update for the instant messaging app, and it will reduce the stress on the user’s eyes while using Whatsapp.

The Night mode will change the App's color into a darkish tone, which will make the application graphics smooth on eyes and a bit lite on battery consumption.

Although this feature is still in testing mode, it is expected to be released soon.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp brought back 155 redesigned emojis in the new update.

You can download the latest WhatsApp from play store for Android devices To check the latest features of the instant messaging App.

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  1. Do not update WhatsApp, the latest release is worse. I will try to return to a previous version.

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