Google Calendar and Google Keep now Have Dark Modes, Confirmed G Suite

Almost all applications under Google's umbrella are getting dark modes, and now the company is rolling out dark themes for Google Keep and Google Calendar.

Google Calendar’s background has been turned into dark gray in the newly introduced dark theme, keeping white color for the agenda, Schedule, Day, 3Day, Week, and Month. Merged Status, app bar, and the navigation are given a lighter shade than the background, whereas all other colors are darkened.

To enable the dark mode in Calendar, go to Settings>General>Theme. The new update started rolling out from 16th May and is compatible with Android Nougat or above, and system-level settings are supported on Q by the app.

A dark mode for Google Keep has also been confirmed by Google, which was spotted a week ago in its latest update and has already been rolled out to some of the users.

The background of the app is gray, and the notes having a theme now also have darker tones. Go to Settings>Enable Dark Mode in Keep to enable this theme. Android Q app and the Lollipop devices or later versions can also have this theme by manually activating it.

Google says that dark theme is in high-demand from the users of Calendar and Keep, which gives a better experience to viewers by decreasing brightness in low-light environment.

"Both Calendar and Keep apps need to be updated to the latest version of the app to see this feature.", explained G Suite team in a blog post.

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