10 Tips to Build the Ultimate Gaming Setup at Home

There are people who love video games. Then there are others who really love video games. Whether video games are just a casual pastime for you or if you are a serious gamer who plays for hours on end every day, you likely take a measure of pride in your gaming set up.

Maybe you are thinking about setting up an area for your PC gaming. If so, you will appreciate this guide. We’re going to look at 10 tips you can use when creating your gaming set up.

1. It Starts with a Good Chair

Most guides will tell you that it all starts with a good PC. And it’s true that having good gaming PCs that won't break the bank are key to enjoying your gaming experience.

However, if you don’t have a solid chair set up, you may experience back pain, which can lead to serious back problems. If you are an avid gamer, you’re going to spend hours in your chair. Your chair should be more than just a low-quality plastic chair. It should be an investment in your comfort and your health.

2. Selecting the Right PC

A top-of-the-line PC is going to provide you with better performance than what you would get even from the best gaming console. When selecting a PC, choose one that has a processor capable of handling high-end games.

A gaming PC will have a dedicated graphics card. It is designed to deliver smoother frame rate and less graphical lag. Since your PC will have a powerful processor, you’ll want one that has a cooling system. You will have to determine if you want a traditional heatsink or cooling fan set up or if you will need a liquid cooling system.

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3. Choosing an Appropriate Monitor

A monitor that is used for gaming is going prioritize different things than one you would get for general use. A gaming monitor is going to have fast refresh rates, improved response times, and improved color accuracy. The better the refresh rate, the smoother the image will be. You will also need to choose between panel technologies. These include TN, IPS, and VA.

4. Using a Projector for Gaming

When choosing a projector, you will want to find one that has a lumen count appropriate for your set up. You want one with a low response time and one that offers an image resolution suitable for your needs. If you are playing in a dark room without much ambient light, you may get away with a projector that has as little as 1,500 lm. However, if you are playing in a brighter room with a lot of ambient light, you may require a projector that has 3,000 lm or more.

When considering buying a gaming projector you can also double up on your existing home theater projector as often times the quality can be slightly superior.

5. Finding The Right Desk

A gaming desk is the center of your gaming experience. Having an appropriate desk makes the difference between winning the game in those final seconds and letting the game slip away from your hand. Factors that need to enter the scenario are price and the size of your desk. When it comes to the size, you want it to fit in the room you are playing in. Sounds simple, but it’s surprising the number of people who overlook this fact. You want to find a desk that feels comfortable and makes you proud to show it off.

6. Finding a Good Game Controller for Your PC

Just about every game you play is going to feel better with a good controller in your hand. Some of the controllers from your gaming consoles are compatible with your PC. For example, the Xbox wireless controller can work on a Windows 10 PC just as good as a wired controller can. There are wired and wireless options for controllers that range from as little as $20 and go all the way up to $200.

7. Finding the Appropriate Lighting

Smart lighting is not just used for turning your lights off and on. Smart light bulbs can even make your gaming rig better with lights that harmonize with the beats and rhythm of your games. They can make your entire home a living visualizer. Companies like Phillips and Nzxt have created light bulbs, fans, and other accessories that can personalize your gaming experience.

8. A Good Gaming Keyboard

Wireless keyboards are a dime a dozen. However, they are not built with gaming in mind. A good wireless gaming keyboard is going to have zero lag. It’s going to offer you the tactile feel that you want, while at the same time offering the media buttons and macro keys that you need.

9. A Gaming Mouse

Do you necessarily need a gaming mouse? No. Any mouse with two buttons will work. However, a reason to consider a gaming mouse for your set up is because they usually have advanced optical laser sensors. Most gaming mice allow for some degree of customization by the user. They would usually have a few extra buttons for the players as well as allow on-the-fly adjustments for sensitivity and speed. If you’re worried about price, don’t be. Many of the best gaming mice out there have the same functionality as budget options.

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10. Choosing a Gaming Headset

When you choose a gaming headset, you’re looking for something that’s going to allow you to enjoy all of the sound of the game without disturbing others. Sound quality is extremely important. In order to get the sound quality you want, you want select one with a driver size of 45 mm or higher.

There are a number of games that cannot be played without a team, so you want your headset to have a good microphone.

Comfort is another factor that should be considered. If not, playing a game for hours on end could literally be painful for your ears.

Determine whether or not you want your headset to be open or closed. An open headset is going to allow you to hear the sounds around you. However, if you are a serious gamer who wants to focus solely on the game, than a closed headset is the right option for you.

Finally, determine whether you want a wired or wireless headset. There are top-of-the-line gaming headsets that come in both options.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into creating the ultimate gaming set up at home. Each one of the topics we discussed could be an article onto itself, and we may visit some of these points in the future. For now, we would love to hear from you. What factors do you think are needed in order to create a spectacular gaming set up at home? Let us know in the comments section below.
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