Cocomelon, Media companies and K-Pop booked spots on YouTube’s leaderboard

The top YouTube channels of April are finalized now in which top ten most-watched channels have 14.5 billion of views, while each channel in top six positions claim 1 billion views. In April, there is drastic change in the leaderboard where Cocomelon achieved the number 1 spot, three of media companies jumped up to higher spots, and K-Pop made its place in leaderboard.

Since last month, Indian and Asian channels beside Cocomelon have increased their rankings like Zee TV, Zee Music Company and many others, while there are some channel which maintained their ranking like SET India and Kids Diana Show.

However, less videos were uploaded in April than March, but Cocomlon managed to beat T-series and become the most-watched channel of April. The channel of kids and family programs has more than 2.9 billion views. Its most watched video of last month had around 288 million views alone. Although, the channel beat T-series, still the Indian music channel is the most-subscribed channel which is still at spot 2.

In April traditional media proved itself on digital media, as many of the channels excelled to make their place on leaderboard as Ellen secured 355 million views to move 58 spots up to reach at the ranking of 59. Moreover, the digital presence of Sesame Street got 281 million views last month which is followed by Saturday Night Live-the channel which managed to get 256 mllion views to reach at the 93.

The media companies used right strategy and different ways like calling K-Pop to perform their song on the show to increased their viewership.

K-pop has booked its place in leaderboard permanently by pulling millions of views on its videos. BlackPink is top scoring band of them which managed to get 792 million views to achieve place on 14 after jumping 79 spots up. All female band is followed by ibighit which is at 23rd spot by having more than 599 million views. BTS also managed to make its place by building its viewership to 310 million views on its music video of “Boy with Luv” by using different ways like other K-pop bands.

This chart, courtesy of TubularInsights, shows the Top YouTube Channels in April 2019.

Top 10 Global YouTube Creators

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