Is YouTube also contributing in digital waste?

A recent study reveals that YouTube is also capable of making the earth green by only providing audio to the users who are not interested in the visual. This is because a lot of energy is used to bring imagery to the user’s device and if YouTube limits the activity – it could reduce its annual carbon footprint by around 300,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

The amount is the same as the greenhouse gas produced by 30,000 homes in the UK each year.

YouTube users watch millions of hours of videos on the platform every day and each of the views use up energy. A video that we see on our smartphone, computer, or tablet goes through several servers including the data or cellular network before it reaches us. And all the transition uses up energy.

Google – YouTube’s parent company is also aiming to limit carbon footprint on its services. Recently, it publicly released data regarding YouTube usage where they agreed to be surprised that the majority of users listen to music in the background while doing other things online. They also agreed that sending videos to computers take extra energy and when people are not watching – the energy becomes digital waste.

Researchers also ask other service designers to analyze their digital footprint and take measures to reduce the same.

A recent study shows that YouTube can limit their carbon footprint by only showing audio to the users who are not interested in the video.

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