Internet Ad Revenue Has Crossed $100 Billion Mark

It’s no secret that all of the big name tech companies out there, from Facebook to Google, earn a lion’s share of their revenue from ad revenue. However, the sheer scale of ad revenue that is earned throughout the various Internet platforms earning from such a source may surprise you, and there are two numbers in particular that you should take into consideration when you are thinking about ad revenue and how it affects your internet experience.

The first of these two numbers is that the total amount of ad revenue that is earned across all platforms on the internet has now officially exceed $100 billion per year (in the United States), as reported by IAB and PwC. The second of these two numbers is that over the past decade, the total revenue earned by platforms that exist online has increased by an incredible 386%.

The way that this revenue is earned has changed quite a bit as well over the past decade. For starters, about half of all advertising revenue that is currently being earned is coming through mobile ad sources. This is in stark contrast to how things were ten years ago, when mobile ads weren’t even on the map when you were calculating things like total revenue and the like.

In fact, this increase in revenue can be attributed almost entirely to the world of mobile advertising. Revenue earned from regular desktop ads have not increased all that much, so the increase in revenue comes from new revenue that is coming in from mobile advertising platforms, thus indicating the sheer importance of the mobile phone and the enormous impact that it has had on the world of advertising in general.

This infographic outlines the desktop and mobile internet worldwide advertising revenue in billions of U.S. dollars

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