Mobile Gaming Is Giving A Tough Time To Social Media; Might Even Dethrone It Soon - Study Reveals

A few years ago, the idea of mobile gaming being the future was almost near to impossible. Social media was on the rise and people were more inclined towards using the smartphones as a tool to simplify their daily tasks instead of mere entertainment. However, now when we look at the statistics related to the ever increasing craze of people for mobile games, it’s indeed an unexpected surprise, but better for the times to come.

As per a study by mobile ad firm Tapjoy, 69% of US consumers now prefer playing their favorite games on mobiles rather than navigating through social media apps or watch TV. In fact 87% among the respondents even told that they have been playing more games on their smartphones for around two years now.

Mobile Gaming Is Giving A Tough Time To Social Media; Might Even Dethrone It Soon - Study Reveals

Besides that, the portion of consumers, who now get identified as “gamers” also increased up to 60% by the February of 2019, when compared with 27%, the numbers given by Tapjoy in the similar category three years ago. This survey was also based on more than 18,000 US consumers around the age of 18 or above.

The major surprise came in the form of in-game advertising as the study revealed that 41% of people give proper attention to ads in mobile games, which is far ahead of the internet (17%), magazines (15%) and billboards (15%). While the general perception tells that digital ads are annoying, 72% of gamers liked the idea of watching ads in return for in-app currency or premium content.

Mobile Gaming Is Giving A Tough Time To Social Media; Might Even Dethrone It Soon - Study Reveals

Diving into further insights, game developers give people more reward and a sense of satisfaction for the time they spend on these apps. Social media just doesn’t do that. Even if we consider video ads in exchange for incentives or points, the format has been able to produce the highest click-through rates, according to research from mobile ad platform Smaato. It is currently being offered by 65% of mobile game developers and we also saw a rapid growth of 16% to $3.25 billion this year from $2.8 billion in 2018.

These statistics by Tapjoy related to mobile gaming also leads us to a better understanding of why social media giants like Facebook and SnapChat are more inclined to invest into gaming platforms. Facebook is planning for a new gaming tab for streaming content, whereas, Snapchat has already launched a multiplayer gaming platform. But the war doesn’t stop here as Google and Apple are stepping into the battle and one can also expect immense opportunities for marketers as a result of this for now.

Moreover, Epic games is also contributing a great deal in changing the course of the games. With its recent multiplayer hit game, “Fortnite” people got the opportunity to interact with fans from around the globe like social media, watch others compete, chat, share strategies and even attend virtual concerts. They are now eyeing for their own social network and app store to eliminate the requirement of paying download and subscription fees to Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Fortunately, the consumer base for mobile games have evolved from small number of teenagers to every age group. It is now offering great mainstream content and even better marketing platform.

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Featured Photo: Jens Schlueter via Getty Images
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