Now you can play live games with friends via Snapchat

Finally, Snapchat, is, launching its own gaming platform. Snapchat made the official announcement regarding the same at the Los Angeles Partner Summit where the company head revealed that the gaming feature is being rolled out today – with games developed exclusively for their users.

According to the company, their game service differs from their counterparts due to the “high-fidelity synchronous” game-play they offer. In non-technical terms, this simply means that the users can play them in real-time with their friends directly through the app.
"You can launch Snap Games right from the Chat bar, letting you and your friends start a game in seconds – no installs needed. You can see your friends in-game, send them a chat, or even talk live with voice chat." announced Snapchat.
To launch the game mode, users just have to go to the chat feature and tap on the new “rocket” button. Currently, Snap Games will offer six titles that are all based on HTML 5 and covers a variety of genres.

The games also include their company-developed Bitmoji Party, which took inspiration from Nintendo’s evergreen classic Mario Party. With the 3D Bitmoji avatar, users can play a series of mini games with up to eight friends. They can also chat simultaneously during gameplay, using either voice or text.
Become your Bitmoji. Challenge your friends. Play games together, live. And unlock some new dance moves.
Aside from their own offering, Snap collaborated with several developers for its gaming service and has launched Spry Fox, ZeptoLab, Game Closure, PikPok, and Tiny Royale by Zynga amongst several others.

The games are all free to play but users have to watch a six-second ad throughout the session while we can expect more monetization method to turn up soon for the developers.

The company, when talking to the media admitted that the Snap Game feature was under development since a year and a half with an aim to make the friendship experience on their platform to be more than just chat.
Unlike Facebook Messenger, Snap Games will be a closed platform. The company also plans to add more games to their database but executives of Snap claim that their aim is to focus on quality and not quantity.

Do check out the new feature and let us know how you enjoy the games on Snap.
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