Tim Cook takes Subtle Shots at Facebook while Addressing Tulane University Students about their Goals!

Almost every Organization’s goal is to leave their mark on the world, regardless of the fact how it impacts their consumers. However, Apple is not one of those Organizations as it cares about what its users learn from the industry. This change was enforced after Tim Cook was appointed as the CEO about 8 years ago.

Under Cook’s leadership, Apple has enforced a number of positive changes such as the fact that it now operates totally on renewable energy.

Recently, he was a guest at Tulane University. During his address to the graduates, he encouraged students to look beyond themselves and realize their worth and what they can offer the world and its people.

Cook educated the students about looking at the world through a different perspective and listening to others.

From there on, it seemed like he was taking subtle shots at Facebook. For those of you unaware, the Social Media Giant has been under a lot of pressure for the past several months because of various scandals, including the type of content displayed on the News Feed.

Cook said that there are algorithms out there designed to keep people glued to the facts they already know (AKA filter bubble) but that shouldn’t be the case as it’s crucial for this generation to learn what’s not already known and see things from a different perspective.

The above mentioned point was another indirect shot at Facebook as the Social Media Company changed its algorithm a few years ago to let users see more content from the people they are connected to, signifying that it only shows users what they want to see.

It’s a known fact that for its News app, Apple follows in the footsteps of human curation. Cook also addressed the necessity of climate change and encouraged users to look at the problem from the perspective of those who have the most to lose.

Additionally, he also brought up how the current generation spends more time in debating with everyone trying to prove that they are right, that the actual problem gets overshadowed and this is something that needs to stop to ensure progress.

Featured photo: Josh Brasted/Getty Images

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