LinkedIn to become the world's biggest platform of jobs and hiring with 20 Million job postings

The biggest social network for the working world owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn is turning itself into a powerhouse for job looking and recruitment.

The Company has a presence in more than 200 countries with 630 Million registered users.

LinkedIn has more than 20 million job listings raised from 300,000 before five years.

Altogether the LinkedIn users apply to jobs 25 Million times per week.

That activity additionally interprets to big business for example paid subscriptions specifically geared toward recruiters, paid tiers for regular users who want to have more access to the job advertisements and to get in touch with people for jobs and much more.

LinkedIn has an exponential growth rate (27% last year) and estimated to earn $6.4 billion in 2019.

Now, After a two-year effort, the company has announced that it has subsequently integrated its jobs and contracting efforts and proclaiming a raft of new features for both.

They have redesigned the new jobs home page, added an instant job alert system and more salary details available for all free and paid users with skill assessments feature on its way.

On the recruitment entrance, LinkedIn Jobs, Recruiter, and Pipeline Builder are all teaming up to provide you with a more accessible way to post ads, source candidates and more leads.

The new features that LinkedIn is introducing are the results of how our communication has evolved with time and rise and with rising smartphones.

The company introduced an instant job alert system, as it noted that candidates who respond to ads faster have a better chance of the job, so now you get notified within a few minutes as a job gets listed which meets your criteria.

Furthermore, the new design of the new job homepage is more mobile friendly with a new search feature added to it, which made navigation more accessible than before.

The skill assessment is more likely to be an acknowledgement to the new reforms we've seen in e-learning and recruitment companies, for example, companies like Triplebyte and Coursera are offering new tools to help people in finding the best fit for them according to the skills in the working community.

According to LinkedIn, this will help individuals to test their skills and on the other side, help recruiters source out people.

The company is taking significant steps, however, there continue to be a whole lot of possibilities for smaller and more modern upstarts to take bites out of LinkedIn’s enterprise in areas where it's miles still being slow to increase.

For example, there are some recruitment startups that focus on Recruiting with racial variety in mind etc.

John Jersin, VP of the product, said this is a challenging problem, and the company is trying to solve it.

The company has already started to work on the ways to get more useful information to tackle such situation.

LinkedIn integrates and updates jobs and hiring platforms plus introduces new updates
Photo: Robert Galbraith / Reuters

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