Incognito mode: Another new feature by Google for its Search app

It's a trait of Google and its Search app that it always comes up with some new features. Take an example of its new feature of account switching, and right now its working on dark theme, but besides all of this, the same Google has one more feature to offer, and it is incognito mode.

The Google search app, now, have incognito (or private) mode which means you can use the search without signing in, and it won’t bring changes in your history when you are logged in. In fact, you will be treated as a new user, due to which none of your history related content will come in suggestion, none of your smart devices will be equipped and your feed will have nothing.

The plus point of this feature is that other applications are remain unaffected. Photos take backup whether you are signed in or not. On the other hand YouTube has its own incognito mode. However, chrome history and cookies will do what they are doing.

Hence, the inclusion of incognito model is server side update; therefore, it will be present in different versions of Google Search app ranging from Google 9.0.5. So download this widget and enjoy this new feature!

Google search app new feature: Use without an account
Screenshot: AndroidPolice.

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