Microsoft's Recent Stats regarding LinkedIn Reveal Remarkable Improvements in the Platform!

Ever since Microsoft purchased LinkedIn, we stopped receiving performance updates about the platform. However, Microsoft still ensures through its quarterly updates that we get an idea of how LinkedIn is performing. Digital Marketers should take note of this.

Last week, Microsoft revealed the FY19 Q3 reports, which were quite impressive. The overall revenue was brought up to $30.6 billion (a 14% increase) and an impressive rise in on-platform engagement was also mentioned.

According to Microsoft, LinkedIn’s revenue has gone up by 27% for the quarter, in addition to showing an impressive increase of 24% in the on-platform engagement.

Not to forget that LinkedIn reported not too long ago about adding 610 million members. From how things are panning out, it looks like LinkedIn is not in the position to afford anything undesirable, at least not in the near-future. However, a few features that the Professional Networking Platform is considering such as Stories, Reactions on posts and a few others are not being met with positive reactions from the users.

Coming back to the topic of engagement, although the platform has over 630 million members, some observers (based on speculative math) have said that only a quarter of these users are highly active. This would still put LinkedIn’s (MAUs) monthly active users count (153 million) over Twitter’s (134 million). It should be noted that this is all a work of speculation as LinkedIn doesn’t share MAUs stats.

Thus, it can be said that LinkedIn is becoming more relevant with each passing day. Its functional and algorithmic improvements make users stay on the platform for as long as possible, and encourage them to recheck what’s going on in the app, once they leave.

Why is it so important for digital marketers? Because Facebook’s reach is declining gradually, while other platforms, especially LinkedIn, have been garnering more attention towards themselves by putting in more work to improve the platforms regularly and introducing new options for updates.

Long story short, there’s quite much happening for LinkedIn these days and it’s high time you give it a chance, if you haven’t already. It will also be useful, if you are devising a new digital marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Engagement Rates Continue to Grow, According to Latest Stats from Microsoft
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