Instagram to let Users know about the Presence of Blocked Contacts in a Chat Group!

Instagram has been in the news a lot recently, and for all good reasons. The Facebook-owned media sharing service has been adamant for the past several months to keep on introducing updates and features that will make consumers’ experience smoother while using the app.

The most recent update (courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong) will let a user know if someone they have blocked is in the same chat group that they are a part of. The user will most likely be able to see the messages from their blocked contacts too, in the same chat group.

The UI (which looks similar to what Facebook Messenger uses for the same purpose) will notify the user about the presence of someone that they have blocked, in the group. They will then be given the choice to either stay in the group, cancel and dismiss the notification alert or leave the group.

The update has received its share fair of criticism as well because many people are unhappy that they could still be contacted by users they have blocked. Part of the reason of blocking someone is to completely stay away from them. So, this is something that Instagram needs to work on in the near future.

Interestingly, many people assumed that following in the footsteps of Messenger and Instagram, WhatsApp might be planning to introduce a similar feature too but according to WABetaInfo, it is not the plan right now. However, stay tuned to find out in case anything changes!

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Photo: Bloomberg / Getty Images
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