Instagram to conceal ‘like’ counts for Canadians

As anticipated, Instagram is all set to introduce a hide ‘like’ counts feature. The announcement was made at the recently held F8 developer’s conference where the company verified that the new feature would be rolled out in Canada by next week.

With this new feature, Instagram plans to remove the counter that shows the total number of likes on photos and videos that appear on the main feed, profiles, and perma-linked pages.

However, the original poster would still be able to see their like counts. The number would only be concealed for the users who follow the respective accounts.

The prime aim of the change in the feature is to let people focus on the content they are sharing and not on the number of likes they get.

Currently, Instagram is testing the feature on Canada-based users. They have not yet disclosed whether it would roll out in other places but we can expect to see expansion after positive reactions nonetheless.

The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri announced that:

We are trying to take these lessons and rethink some of the fundamentals of how Instagram works. One change is in the new design of the profile, which we're currently testing, we've made follow accounts much less prominent because we don't want Instagram to feel like a competition, we want to make it a less pressurized environment. A bigger idea is we are starting to experiment later this week called private like counts (PLC). The PLC mean is that as you scroll through feed there are no like counts. You can see who liked a photo or video you can tap through it if you have the time you can add them all up yourself. The owner can see how many people liked the photo but only if they asked. It's because we want people to worry a little bit less about how many like they're getting on Instagram and spend a bit more time connecting with the people that hey care about.

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