Instagram is Reportedly Working on an Advanced Comment Reporting Interface!

Following in the footsteps of parent company Facebook, it looks like Instagram is also putting effort into tackling abusive and other kinds of harmful content on the platform. Over the past several months, there have been countless instances of users getting away with hateful content and spreading misinformation. Thus, an effective reporting mechanism is needed.

Almost every Social Media platform has taken steps to improve its reporting functionality. And now, Instagram has joined the party as well.

According to renowned Code Hacker, Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is working on a new Comment Reporting user interface (UI) that looks similar to Facebook’s. Her tweet also included a screenshot of the new UI.

Users will have a number of choices when explaining why they are reporting a comment. The options are Scam, Nudity/Pornography, Hate Speech/Symbols, Violence, Harassment or Bullying, and a few others.

Instagram’s decision to enable users to report a comment for Harassment or Bullying is highly commendable. At a time when people can easily get away with cyberbullying without repercussions, Instagram is working on taking care of this issue as well.

It remains to be seen when Instagram will finish working on this UI and make it available for the general public. However, one thing is for sure, Social Media Companies have finally realized the importance of safety of users on their respective platforms and any positive change they can implement will be a big step in the right direction.

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Featured photo: Instagram
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