Instagram to soon allow users to appeal their ‘reported posts’ [Updated]

With Instagram, it was always easy for users to report posts that violate the social media companies’ policies or hurt their sentiments. However, there was no way to oppose the reported posts. But that will soon change.

At the recently held media briefing in New York City, the company announced to soon introduce a new appeal feature where the users can request to review the content that was taken down. The procedure, just like the reporting feature would take place from within the app.

According to the company, the appeals would be sent to a reviewer who would have the liability to restore posts if they seem harmless. They further explained that the in-app appeal tool would initially be for posts that included nudity and will expand to other areas over time. They also plan to introduce the same format for accounts that were removed for some reasons.

The new feature is expected to roll out within a few months.

Twitter also announced a similar feature in April where the suspended users can appeal the decision of the social media company.

Additionally, Instagram also announced to be working on new anti-bullying tools and preventing false information from going viral on the platform. It is currently developing a text and media matching technology that will detect and remove posts that seem illicit.

Instagram says that by combining human reviewers and artificial intelligence – the company can enhance the safety on their app and make the experience of users worthwhile.

Update [23, May 2019]: In a tweet Instagram announced that the feature is gradually going live. "Starting today, we’ll begin rolling out a new content appeals feature available in-app. This gives people the opportunity to request a review of content removed from Instagram."

While the head of IG Adam Mosseri tweeted that he is about this feature, explaining, "[Users] often complain about us removing content from Instagram, and sometimes we do get it wrong. This [new feature] gives people a form of recourse."

Instagram is planning to introduce a new feature that will let users appeal post takedowns
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