You can now Appeal Twitter's Decision for Suspending your Account, from within the App!

Has your Twitter account ever been temporarily blocked or suspended for “violating the guidelines”, even though you were not at fault? If yes, then you should know that in order to appeal Twitter’s decision, you need to fill an online form, which can be really inconvenient as the response time varies from a couple of hours to more than a week.

However, it looks like things are about to change now as a new in-app feature will allow you to directly appeal the decision from within the app.

The company’s official Twitter handle posted a tweet recently in which it acknowledged that sometimes the swiftness in enforcing rules might cause them to make a wrong decision due to being unaware of the whole situation.

Twitter Account Suspension Request Can Now Be Appealed Within the App

Also, Twitter has said that the new feature will reduce the response time by 60 percent.

It’s a well-known fact that Twitter can freeze users’ accounts for being abusive, fake, threatening etc. However, sometimes things can be different from what they seem initially so a thorough analysis is a must!

In addition to the in-app appeal feature, Twitter is also working on a feature that will label the tweets that are in public interest, but go against the platform’s guidelines. These labeled tweets will still be available on Twitter. Vijaya Gadde (Twitter’s Head of Legal, Policy and Trust) has confirmed, during his recent interview with Washington Post, that the feature is being strongly considered and that work is being done to figure out the process of labeling.

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