New Instagram Update Allows Users to Track New and Old Likes

Over the years, social media networking game has changed, people are now turning towards visual learning and entertainment more than other means of communication. This is the reason Instagram has replaced some of the major social platforms in recent years and it has evolved as one of the most rapidly growing and developing social media app. Surprisingly, unlike other social networks, Instagram is not known for instant communication or chat service, instead, it has grown as a business platform where brands market their products and digital media companies flourish faster.

Recent updates on Instagram might work as a game changer for small business companies as well as startups who are looking to follow trends. According to Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that can help the users to distinguish between the new and old likes on each post, this means that brands will be able to track down the latest activities and take action according to the trends.

Instagram New Features: Old Likes Vs New Likes on Posts

On opening the likes for each post, the user will be able to see the new likes and old likes separately and this will help him to know about trends. However, for some users, this might not be a new feature because it has been tested on Android devices a few months back. On the other hand, this is an exciting new addition for iOS users.

This features can be very helpful for social media strategists who are looking forward to running their business by completely relying on stats. This will help in keeping track of the latest activity so the management can reach out and interact with users. This will also provide a better insight about the audience that the product is appealing to. Moreover, the Instagram Creators will also have access to insights that display followers and un-followers with additional information on account performance.

With the help of this new feature, Instagram is trying to add additional context in performance analytics. This feature is available on Instagram Creator Account but on a regular business account, the feature is yet not available. However, the future may hold better and more innovative features that will be a brilliant addition for the struggling business industry. With the help of these followers and un-followers chart and new and old like feature, Instagram is looking forward to facilitating the business analyst more than ever.

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